Ballistic Architecture Machine

Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) is an award-winning art, landscape, and architectural design firm with offices in Beijing and New York. Founded in 2007, BAM became anomalous as a locally grown design firm in China started by foreigners. The experience of establishing a design practice in a rapidly changing contemporary Chinese metropolis gives BAM a unique insight into the role of design in today’s cities. BAM’s diverse team of designers has delivered projects for clients in China, Taiwan, the US, the UK, Iceland, and Belgium.

Since our founding BAM believes our collective idea of nature is gradually changing. As technology continuously shapes our environment, our perception of nature is becoming outdated. These changes are diminishing not only our interaction with nature but also how we value our surroundings. By thinking across artistic and technical fields BAM reconsiders our civilizations’ concepts of nature. BAM’s goal is to create projects that improve people’s lives, help us value our surroundings, and enable us to move towards a new and healthy relationship to our environment.



BAM的创立者们都毕业于艺术家、建筑设计师和景观规划师的摇篮,他们自2002 年起就开始在很多国际大项目中紧密合作了。BAM认为,我们关于自然的观念正在慢慢地发生着变化。随着新技术应用到环境之中,我们关于自然的观念正慢慢变得过时。这些变化不仅缩短了我们与自然之间的距离,也改变了我们珍视周围环境的方式。BAM通过分析各种各样的项目,开始重新思考传统的自然概念。BAM的目标就是要创建一系列项目,这些项目要有助于改善人民生活,有助于我们珍视周围环境,有助于我们与环境之间建立一种全新的、健康的、和谐的关系。

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Bam Founders

  • Daniel Anthony Gass, AIA

    Daniel Anthony Gass was inspired visiting building sites with his contractor father at an early age. He excelled in studies attaining the Merril Presidential Scholar Award at Cornell University in architecture and obtaining fluency in Mandarin. After graduation he became the youngest faculty member in the Sam Fox School for Visual Arts before founding Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) with two former Cornell classmates. The founding of BAM coincided with a position as design director in the office of Martha Schwartz, a master designer who continues to inspire BAM's approach to landscape design today. Dan's work crosses the range of project types often forming singular, elegant concepts such as in the Nature Gate Monument and SAM. His drawings have narrated many of BAM's most complex and detailed art projects such as the Wintergarden, the Droplet Chandelier, and Lantern Flowers. In BAM's theoretical work, Dan pushes the Guomao Project as a platform to explore solutions to urban problems of future cities.

  • Allison Macneil Dailey

    Allison MacNeil Dailey, co-founder of Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM) has a lifelong background in studio art. Her talents in visual representation and spatial design have been recognized by leading art figures around the world. Allison’s work was featured in Iceland’s Museum of Modern Art for the courtyard installation in 2008. The following year, as part of the Secret Garden Festival in Kortijk, Belgium, Allison created an interactive garden for the Broelmuseum. In 2007 she illustrated and authored a children’s book, Glassigator, which is read at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and was awarded the Gold Medal and Best in Show for Visual Communication from the Ohio Museum Association. At BAM Allison specializes in art installations, especially seasonal retail based projects. She leads a team of designers in the dynamic and creatively energized realm of translating conceptual art ideas into built installations. Allison graduated from Cornell University and Harvard University, where she taught seminars at the Graduate School of Design on representation.

  • Jacob Schwartz Walker

    Jacob Schwartz Walker, co-founder of Ballistic Architecture Machine (BAM), has participated in the life of a design studio since before he could walk. His lifelong exposure to some of the world’s most talented designers lends Jake immediate and blazing insight into any project type. Jake’s trajectory into professional practice is uniquely his own. Likewise, his design sensibility is a product of his potent personality and the circumstances of his lifelong design education. Jake has worked with Thomas Heatherwick as the lead landscape designer for the London Olympics velodrome competition. He also acted as lead landscape designer for the Nakheel 1km Tall Tower project in Dubai. With great depth of experience at the highest levels of professional landscape design, Jake also excels at architectural projects, exemplified in the sculptural elegance of L’Idiot Restaurant. His effortless form-making ability lies behind many of BAM’s most iconic projects, including the Cloud, the Whale Table, and the Titan. Jake graduated from the architecture program at Cornell University.